Yesterday I was excited to have lunch with Tiffany! Despite living in the same city, it’s always tough for us to get together but I cherish the times that we do. We met around H Street — a hot, developing area that is starting to flourish. I am always glad to find a new place to try and Roti Mediterranean Grill didn’t disappoint, though I wanted to try more than what I got. Featured above is the chicken kabob with rice, hummus, chickpeas and tomatoes. Below is Tiffany’s pita sandwich, which had basically the same ingredients.

This morning, I met up with the Arlington County Road Runners group at Gateway Park in Rosslyn. It was our week for 9 miles and let me tell you, it was tough. My stomach has been messed up for weeks and still felt upset this morning but I made it. After doing two total body conditioning classes this week, my legs were feeling a little sore. I’ve started to incorporate classes and some weightlifting again because I just feel like a sloth without it, no matter how many miles I run. Plus, after reading the Weight Room inspiration post from Emily, I was totally re-inspired.

I came home from my run dying of thirst and ready for some breakfast. My typical Saturday morning post-run breakfast is 2 eggs with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and mayo on toast. Today, I made it open faced and added a sprinkling of goat cheese. When I leave my Saturday runs, I usually stop by Starbucks to grab Rick an extra-bold coffee because it’s his favorite. But he left for the gym and left it all to me today! If I’m feeling really nice, I’ll buy a whole pack of it for him like I did today. Here’s breakfast and coffee:

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