One of my absolute favorite things ever is kabobs on the grill in the summertime. So, how happy was I when I skipped just 1 mile down the road to Tabitha & Lyndsey’s house for a cookout — and they were MAKING kabobs! Kabobs with carmelized onions, juicy cherry tomatoes, crispy chargrilled chicken, crunchy peppers and amazing steak. Add a side of quinoa & chickpea salad, a glass of sangria and one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had in my life and you have a darn good night of food and good company!

It was a perfect, humid summer night (I actually love humidity for some odd reason) and we had a deck, pretty food and good conversation. George and Emily brought a huge batch of cupcakes from Alexandria Cupcake (1 million x better than Crumbs, btw). They were so good I had to sneak one home for Rick!

Let’s just say today was a little indulgent. After work, I came home for a pre-dinner snack of my leftover cheese plate from Cheestique last night (post coming soon on that amazing meal!) Then I had a much bigger dinner than my appetite called for but in this instance, I really loved the food I was eating and it was worth the extra calories. I sware the frosting on that cupcake seriously unlocked a moment of joy in my mouth.

Click below the fold to see more photos of the delicious evening:
Vodka-infused w/ lemon, lime & sugar:

My definition of heaven on a summer night:

Who doesn’t love some deviled eggs?

The amazing quinoa & chickpea salad:

My plate (second serving that is!):

Lyndsey demonstrates the art of the kabob:

One of the top 5 cupcakes in my life:

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