Tomorrow is Father’s Day and wow, do I have something to celebrate 🙂 I’ve said it often but I’ll say it again — I was blessed with one of the best fathers God could have created.

My life has been guided by my dad’s love and wisdom. When I was scared, he gave me courage. When I was directionless, he helped me find my way. When I was weak, he gave me the words that helped me be strong. When I felt like I wasn’t enough, he made me feel like I was more than enough.

He has made me feel able, beautiful, smart and special. He has pushed me to do things I never would have done — and given me a spirit of success. He’s given me no doubt that I can be whatever I want, that the world is in my hands and not the other way around.

He lives a life of kindness, compassion, loyalty and hard work. He works hard and he plays hard. He loves my mom and my sisters and Giovanna and I like crazy and it shows. He appreciates his life and the blessings he’s been given. He doesn’t take for granted the things that he has.

His life story is one to be emulated and told and re-told. I have many friends who don’t have this kind of Father. I have friends who don’t have a father at all. Why was I born so blessed — with a mom and a dad who love me so much? I don’t know but I know that if I can raise a child someday that comes away feeling as blessed and loved as I do, I’ll have done my job.

Happy Fathers Day, Dad. You deserve much more than one day a year.

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