So I’ve been struggling to get up in the AM lately to work out. I hate that but sometimes you just can’t do it! Yesterday and today I came in to work early so I could leave at 5 to make sure I had time to get in a workout. Yesterday, it was Total Body Conditioning and today, I ran about 5 miles from my office down the National Mall to the Washington Monument. Usually, a change of scenery helps get in a strong, fast run but it was so hot today and I had NO water (not recommended!). Even so, I geared up with my ipod and took the sweaty plunge. I love running past all the funky looking tourists and suited up politicians — gliding past the Capitol toward the monuments, past the kickball games and carousel toward history.

Today’s Playlist (Lotsa country today, sorry!)

— Garth Brooks: Callin’ Baton Rouge
— Bruce Springsteen: This Hard Land
— Gary Allen: Drinkin’ Dark Whiskey
— George Strait: She Used to Say That To Me
— Newsboys: Joy
— Gin Blossoms: Follow You Down
— Kellie Pickler: Best Days of Your Life
— The Killers: Read My Mind
— Lenny Kravitz: Fly Away
— Little Big Down: Boondocks
— T. Pain & Andy Samburg: I’m On a Boat (I listened to this one twice!!!)

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I put these photos of me stretching because I think stretching is a super important detail that people often sweep to the side. Even I am known to from time to time but I just feel so much more complete, worked out and able when I do it. You detract injuries and it actually feels amazing if you just take a few extra minutes.

I’ve decided to start food journaling on here on occasion. You’d think I, of all people, would have been there done that with the food journaling — but I’ve never done it! This will help me see how much I’m actually eating and I know others (like me that is) often enjoy seeing what people of similar lifestyles eat to keep up. Here’s today:


— Coffee with 1/2 cup skim milk
— Cinnamon oatmeal with one banana & honey
— 1 cup of grapefruit juice
— 2 full glasses of water & 1 packet of Emergen-C


— 1 Orange
— 2 glasses of water

— Chick Fil A Fried chicken sandwich w/ regular mayo
— 1 apple
— 1 Diet Coke

— 2 pieces of Newman’s Own Pepporoni Pizza
— 1.5 servings of regular ice cream with chocolate chips
— 2-3 glasses of water
— Sleepy Time Tea

I’m interested to see how other days look. I’m low on food this week, trying to make it to the weekend without hitting the store!

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