Hello hello! Yesterday, I had an awesome opportunity to see Mt. Vernon, the home of George Washington, for the first time since I moved to D.C. five years ago. One of the new employee events for those of us at Heritage is a day trip to Mt. Vernon where we hear more about the company and learn a bit of history.

The weather was perfect! And how nice to get a day off work to spend mostly outside at a beautiful area by the water with rolling hills and glistening rivers! I made friends with a few new girls from work and spent most of the day hanging out with them. The photo above is of Amy and I with the Washington family just outside the Mt. Vernon Museum. We actually skipped that part because it was so nice out I couldn’t bear to be inside!

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I saw the Washingtons’ tombs, the Mt. Vernon Mansion and learned that the first President and his wife, Martha, were very friendly and social, having guests nearly every single night! I also learned that Washington could have opted to become King of the United States but he chose not too. I’m so glad we live in a democracy! Thank you, President Washington.

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