I was so excited last night to finally stop by the Chick Fil A that was built just a mile or so from my house. Having worked at Chick Fil A for almost three years in high school, I have a special love for it! Even though I get a free sandwich every Tuesday at a work meeting, it’s just not the same because those don’t have lettuce and tomato or offer me the option of my all-time favorite, chicken strips.

But…it seems my memory failed me. I finally got an order of the strips (not pictured) — which are sweeter than the breasts and nuggets because they are marinated for 24 hours in a special juice. But, they weren’t as good as I remembered and also made me feel yucky. Even the sweet tea was a disappointment and don’t even ask me about the waffle fries! Back in the day, I used to stir in extra sugar so it practically coated your entire mouth when you took a sip. Sooo good!

It just went to show me that I should stick with what I know I love — the Chick Fil A Deluxe without pickles. Or as we used to say at work: “Chick no pick deluxe.”

Otherwise, I’ve been working like crazy, coming in to work before 7am to get stuff done. The difference is that now I enjoy my job! When I have to spend extra time writing, I don’t mind and there is the satisfaction of seeing your work in print. Feel free to check out my latest piece.

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