I was so excited to hit up the town last night for Elissa’s surprise 30th birthday party at Chi Cha Lounge. First, Rick and I stopped by Local 16 for a pre-drink. It was the only time I had been to that bar when it wasn’t completely packed and it was actually pretty nice sitting at the bar. The atmosphere was chill and since the bar is in an old house, it was a really neat setting. I was craving a summery drink there so I ordered a Mint Julep and it hit the spot!

Then we headed next door for the surprise. Elissa, Danny, Melinda and Santi were coming from dinner and she didn’t expect a whole group of friends to be waiting at her next destination. Chi Cha is Latin-themed bar with a dark, cozy atmosphere. The entire bar is a bunch of cushy couches, some out in the middle, others in deep corner pockets of the room for more intimate gatherings. We were in the back room, in a corner complete with a birthday cake and balloons floating around. Rick and I didn’t know any of the people who showed up before the surprise but still had some nice conversation waiting. All in all, it was a really fun night and I was really happy to do something out of the ordinary. The U Street area in DC is definitely an alternative, one of a kind area that you should visit now and again.

Melinda’s clementine mixer (can’t remember the official name but I was so impressed there was a drink made with clementines!):

Click below for more photos of the bash:

The birthday girl and her man:

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