Tonight, I went to the gym after work for Total Body Conditioning with the crazy teacher who always comes right up next to my face and yells “Go Lower!!!” Ugh it was sweat central but it was good and I’m gonna be walking funny tomorrow. Well, then my metro broke down and I had to walk three miles home. By the time I got there I was beyond starving and parched as a desert animal.

Lucky for ME, Rick made these amazing turkey burgers. Like, I don’t even know what he did but they were juicy and topped with muenster cheese (new favorite!), a whole half of a sea-salted avocado, tomoato, mayo and mustard on toasted oatmeal bread. Seriously, better than anything I’ve had at Good Stuff and maybe even better than my last Ray’s Hell Burger. I do love this guy for always making me great meals and doing it so well!

See how it’s done BELOW!

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