I have a serious problem. Well, two serious problems. Not only am I a chocoholic but I’m also a saltoholic. I always think I’m so innocent buying a bag of salty blue tortilla chips but it’s always a lie. Especially when I also buy salsa and roasted red pepper hummus. As IF I could possible just eat a few chips with a little dip. I also have an obsession with eating all the crumbs out of the bottom of the chip bag — the little crunchies that are actually the saltiest of all the bag.

So anyway, that’s what I did last night. AFTER I had dinner (which was another delicious turkey burger sans avocado because we forgot to buy one!).

THEREFORE, this morning I was up at 5:20, geared up with the ipod. I normally go silent on early morning runs but I just HAD to have the motivation this morning. It was a gorgeous morning — and the perfect temp for a long run. It was the best run I’ve had in months. The kind where you are just sailing along the trail light as air, feeling like you could run forever because it’s as easy as pie. My lungs were breathing deep, the sun was shining down, the air was crisp and fresh by the water. All the inspiration in the world was seeping into my head — and I was on top of the world. Those are honestly some of the best moments of my life — feeling invincible, powerful, convicted. This morning was why I LOVE running. It is why it makes me sane. It is why it gives me life. Eight miles and I’m ready for the day.

Here’s my life giving PLAYLIST for your runners:

Till the World Ends — Britney Spears
God of this City — Chris Tomlin
Help! — The Beatles
Dog Days are Over — Florence & the Machine
Viva La Vida –Coldplay
Gone, Gone, Gone — Colin Farrell
Tears Dry On Their Own — Amy Winehouse
The Nearness — David Crowder Band
Long Sermon — Brad Paisley
Big House — Audio Adrenaline
Jesus Freak — DC Talk
There’s Your Trouble — Dixie Chicks
Mercy — Duffy
Born This Way — Lady Gaga

*I’m going to start documenting all my playlists so runners looking for some good music can find great suggestions (I’ve got a LOT of good ones!) This is my second list and you can find the FIRST one on this post.

UPDATE: Running Changes Lives. See what my sister Lindsey does for a living below. I heart Back on My Feet!

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