Oh it’s been a great weekend full of great food — doncha love it when that happens? I want to share with you just a few of the things I’ve been nibbling on since my delicious blueberry waffles yesterday morning!

First! We went to Georgetown yesterday to pick up my running packet for the 8k that night. I wasn’t sure if I was going to run it because I’d done 7 miles with my group that morning and then walked 6 more during the day so these legs were tired. However, I wanted the dry fit tee that came with my registration. So…it was just a perfect day for walking in Georgetown and I finally had the chance to try out Pizza Paradiso, which I’ve heard raves about forever. They had an amazing beer selection and I chose a Belgian blonde of some kind. I often claim Belgian beers are my favorite and this definitely lived up! The pizza was pretty good but as I usually say at pizza places, the crust was just unimpressive. It was a tasty and gorgeous mozzarella, tomato, mushroom and onion pizza though!

Hangin’ out at the Alexandria Harbor:

Later that night, we went to hang out with Larry and Paige and they always cook something you wouldn’t expect. Tonight’s surprise? Nutella and banana crepes that were amazing! We hung out at their new apartment and had a pretty fun time on a nice Saturday night.

The crepes:

So I couldn’t help myself this morning…it was just a brunch morning! So we headed over to The Boulevard Woodgrill in Clarendon. I am trying to only go to new places for brunch and this one had great reviews on Yelp. We beat the rush and I ordered eggs benedict (because I can hardly help myself!) and an awesome looking bloody mary made with Absolut Peppar that came with this delicious cajun-disted shrimp in the side. Rick ordered the french toast coated with cinnamon crusted crushed cornflakes. We agreed the food was pretty good but not the absolute best.

Good morning sunshine:

My eggs benedict:

The French toast:

After brunch, we walked around Clarendon then geared up for another six-mile walk around Crystal City. We walked to DSW and I exchanged my skin-irritating flip flops for a brand new pair of running shoes. These are a long time coming:

Then it was a massive grocery shopping trip. I never ever plan meals but I’m so sick of eating the same old stuff so we put together some menus and went searching for crazy ingredients like minced garlic and crushed parsley and shallots. I mean…what, for the love, is a shallot? I also bought Godiva semi-sweet chocolate chips from some slammin’ cookies later this week. I might go Michelle-style and add some bacon! Mmm!

We were a little sun-burned after walking outside all day but it felt awesome!

Last thing? I am LOVING two new blogs I found: “Sweet Tooth Sweet Life” and “How Sweet It is.” Guess they are my sister blogs! Check them out for sure.

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