I’ve been attending Book Club for about a year and a half now but have neglected to ever take photos. And, Melinda’s amazing tostada meal last night was the perfect excuse to get snappin’. We have book club once a month and each month a new person hosts at their house, chooses the book and the main meal we will eat. Each person then brings a side dish, dessert or wine to go with the meal. The ladies always choose amazing meals — literally some of the best I eat all month!

We’ve read some truly great books and this month’s was no different. You can see my review of “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand here. The great thing about book club is I get to converse with people who love reading just as much as I do — and it takes the book to a whole new level when you have a chance to analyze it. It’s also fun to see who loved it and who hated it — and how reactions are so mixed.

Most of all, I enjoy the club because it’s a chance to have some real grown up girl time, where we can talk and laugh about our lives, share stories and just sort of escape from the obligations surrounding the week for a few hours. It’s my turn to host in a few months — and I’ll certainly document my efforts though I have to say I’m the least savvy cook of them all (as anyone who knows me can tell you!)

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