I had the day off today — the first of two before I begin my new job on Wednesday at the Heritage Foundation. It has been SO nice to relax a little in the past couple of weeks. Since Christmas, I’ve had not a true stress-free moment due to the pressures of my last job. In the spirit of pure relaxation, I indulged in something tonight that I’ve not had for probably 17 years: pepperoni stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut.

I know — not that big of a deal but it was delicious! Eating dinner with another person has really changed my eating habits, at least my dinner-eating habits — in a good way. I know what your thinking, how is this good? It’s good because I’m allowing myself to eat normal foods in moderation without feeling bad about it or overdoing it. For someone who has dealt with food issues for years, this is positive step forward.

I really got the pizza because I knew Rick would like it but it allowed me a couple of guilt-free pieces too. Unfortunately, my tummy is now reminding me that there’s a reason I don’t eat super greasy food before bed. Ugh! Either way, it was good and for once, I ate it — and as they say, felt fat and happy.

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