I have totally been MIA this week. I thought a blog post a day would be no problemo but with the busy-ness of the new job and being a bit stressed out in general, I threw it to the wind. To update, things are going well. You can see a photo of minimalist decor I threw together below.

I’ve never had my own office with a door (and everyhing!) so what else should I bring in? I’ve got a bulletin board and walls to fill people! I need to think of what kind of theme I want to be born in this room, perhaps do some research on the power of fung shui. Right now I’ve my political books, my photo with Congressman Pence, my Indiana University Journalism degree, a photo of Rick and I and a photo I love my sister, my Dad and I when I my sister was a newborn.

On another note, I forgot to show you these pictures from last weekend. It’s so nice having a porch to sit on and just enjoy a nice evening outside sometimes. That’s often what we do on Fridays, cooking something yummy for dinner (actually last Friday we “cooked” crispy, thin crust pizza that was delicious!). This beer, which I think is from Hawaii (Rick used to LIVE there, lucky guy!), was very tasty but I stuck with wine:

FREE: Simple Faith Practices for Busy MomsYes, please!