I was really itching to get out of town considering this marvelous three-day weekend but when you live in a place like DC, you can truly become a tourist in your own town. The weekend started of great when the President of our company let everyone leave at 1 p.m.! That would NEVER happen in my old office — thank God I don’t work for Congress anymore 🙂

Friday night, as you saw earlier, I had a nice time with my friends in Tysons Corner, drinking delicious top shelf margaritas and watching The Hangover 2 (dissappointing!). Saturday morning, the world was my oyster (well, the city.) Rick suggested we take a walk — and lately our walks have turned into marathons. This one was no different. As we started walking, the National Mall seemed closer and closer so we walked from Alexandria all the way down to the Washington Monument.

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It was a hot, hot day and tourists were everywhere. Plus, it was Rolling Thunder weekend — when all the biker guys from across the country come to D.C. The city was crawling with beautiful Harley’s and leather jackets. The age of most people there was probably around 50-65 — and many of them were Vietnam vets looking as hardcore as ever. I loved the culture and community that I saw — and could only imagine the stories these men could have told me if we sat down over a beer.

We walked among the bikers and I was excited to stop for a hot dog from a vending stand. I never eat that kind of stuff but I was starving and it sounded amazing!

We also visited the Lincoln Memorial and saw this man dressed up representing the Windtalkers, which was really, really cool.

After strolling around and sweating to death, we got two more bottles of water and started the six mile (at least) walk home. All in all, I think we walked at least 12 miles! My body had not been that exhausted since I ran the Chicago Marathon in the sun — seriously.

On Sunday, we finally made a trip to National Harbor. It’s just 20 minutes away and a really cool marina with all kinds of shops and activities. I’ve been dying to get on a boat since the weather turned warm so I signed us up for the Monuments Tour on the Potomac. We spent about 2 hours on the water, just relaxing and it was great. Afterwards, it was back to National Harbor for lunch at Sauciety. I ordered this amazing salmon salad, the salmon rubbed with some interesting spices and the salad with a tasty vinegarette dressing. Rick ordered french toast casserole, which was super thick and pretty good.

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