Okay the shot above is a preview of dessert but first, let me tell you about dinner! After a long week of work, last night we finally went back to the place we absolutely loved a couple months ago — Ted’s Montana Grill. They specialize in bison burgers and steaks — and everything is delicious.

I had this amazing BBQ chicken salad and Rick had some crazy bison burger with fried egg on top. It was really good too, despite our totally obnoxious waiter. At first, he was funny but I should have been tipped off by the fact that his name was “Chip.” It was when he brought up something about being paid $2.15 and hour, with all of that going to taxes, that I shut down. I was a waitress for three years — at both Applebees and TGIFridays — and seriously, guy? You don’t talk your way into tips. If anything, that makes me want to tip you less. Despite his obnoxiousness, I cannot tip below 20% unless I get cussed out (basically…) so he got a good tip and we skipped on over to Coldstone. To his credit, he was trying, he just needs to tone it down a little!

I’m not a huge fan of Coldstone, despite the rich and enticing flavors they’ve got. Believe it or not, it’s TOO rich for me and the whole, fancy mixing process they are famous for is a tad overkill. Nevertheless, I got the peanut butter lovers something or other with dark chocolate ice cream and hot fudge and Rick got the creme de menthe shake, which was disappointing. However, he finished off mine.

Lastly, this morning I got my butt out of bed for the 7am training run with Arlington County Road Runners. I almost didn’t make it but I’m glad I did! Tomorrow, I’m running the Capitol Hill Classic 10k with a team from work. It is supposed to rain but don’t worry, I will have an update. Two early weekend mornings is rough but it is helping me keep my commitment to no alcohol for a few weeks.

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