So I finally sat down and watched “The King’s Speech” — and it’s obvious why Colin Firth garnered such acclaim for his role. My first thought was how amazing this movie must be for those that struggle with stuttering issues. A King with the very same problems as them — who was able to overcome. I only wish such a triumphant movie would be made about some of my toughest issues.

But I honestly don’t know who I loved more — Colin Firth or Geoffry Rush. They were both just charming, lovable characters and the focus on a male friendship so strong was rare and refreshing. It was also a fun benefit to hear the King speak with his daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret, knowing that they are the actual little girls that grew up as royalty.

What struck me was the King’s ability to overcome something he’d been dealing with his entire life. So many people live with struggles like stuttering, overwhelming anxiety, fear, OCD, and other things caused by the mind without recognizing that they can overcome. It isn’t easy or quick but it is possible. I think there are way too many people who write off their problems as un-fixable and go about living their lives beneath the inhibiting cover of fear, anger and lack of confidence. Even just watching a movie such as this, inspiration to change things in myself surfaced. I hope that it did so for others — especially those with stutters — as well.

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