Yesterday, I was able to write in one of my favorite ways. It was meaningful, sentimental, powerful and important. Those are the things I love to write, the things I have passion for, the things that go beyond political arguments and politics. They are human and deep and no one has a Party here — we are all just people trying to live our best lives and appreciate what we’ve got. It’s not red or blue — it’s purple and it’s beautiful.

I first heard of the Honor Flight program through my mom, who flew as a guardian with two groups from Indiana. When I saw they were making a documentary film about the program, I viewed the trailer and was really blown away. The trailer is really powerful stuff and the great thing about being a blogger/journalist is that I can just call up anyone I want and ask them for an interview. Oddly enough, when I went searching for the filmmaker, I found out that I was already associated with him here in D.C. Even cooler, I found out he actually formed his own film company, Freethink Media, in order to make this particular film. So I got him on the phone and was able to produce this lovely article for the blog yesterday. Here is an excerpt and you better be sure to watch the trailer posted above.

“[The veterans] compared [the trip] to the birth of their children, their marriages, their wedding days—it was obviously incredibly special,” said Hayes, after speaking one-on-one with over 100 veterans and filming more than 90 hours.

His film, The Story of Stars and Stripes Honor Flight, will debut in November of this year—hopefully to the widespread acclaim it deserves. The film is not just about a memorial or an organization; it’s about the people—and the way their lives have contributed to the world in a powerful way.

“It’s not the monument or their military service,” said Hayes. “Honor Flight is a vehicle for friends and family to express their appreciation and gratitude for what these people have done in their lives—it just happens to be wrapped in a military theme.”

Read the rest here.

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