Started the new job today at THAT is my office view from floor 6. I’m excited to get things rolling as part of the communications team. It was a rainy, dreary (and cold!) day to start but everyone was very nice and welcoming!

I had lunch at this cute little spot that sells amazing grilled mozzarella, tomato and pesto sandwiches. Forgot to take a pic of my super sammich but did get a shot of the cafe, whose food matches its name!

My commute to and from work is slightly longer now, meaning basically a full 45 minutes each way if shuttle, metro, and weather cooperate. Being near Union Station means I’ll be stopping my Express probably too often but, that’s not so bad!

After catching up on paperwork and an episode of the West Wing (only 2 discs left till I finish the whole series!), I switched over to one of my new favorite political shows, “In the Arena.” Of course I alternated commercial breaks with “American Idol.” Go Casey & James!

Here they are! This is the first season of American Idol I have ever really paid attention to, believe it or not.

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