Oh how I love early Saturday morning runs! When everyone else is sleeping in, I am up with the sun breathing in the sleepy, dewey air of the day. I’m getting the sweet stuff before everyone else starts breathing it in. It is NOT easy getting up for an early Saturday run but on a beautiful day like this one, it is totally worth it. I swung by Maggie’s to pick her up for 7 am 6 miler with Arlington County Road Runners. We met up with the group but took off on our own, over the Key Bridge, past the Iwo Jima Memorial, down the Mt. Vernon trail and back around past Georgetown. We started off fast for me and by the end, I was dying, mostly due to some weird stomach pains. Nevertheless, we finished almost 7 miles accidentally and felt grand.

And let just pause here to say, I love Maggie! (Hey Mags 🙂 I am so glad we became friends last year because I’ve found a kindred running spirit who is really one of the funnest, nicest people I’ve ever been friends with. She is a great listener, an awesome advice giver and we appreciate so many of the same things in life. I’ve always said I got lucky when it came to good friends and I’m pretty glad to add her to the list!

Back to breakfast! So after our run we headed to Buzz Bakery — which I’d heard a lot about but never been too. It’s literally a mile from my house so we drove over and had some delicousness. They carried Illy coffee, which according to Maggie, is the best! I ordered a homemade pop tart, which was filled with lemon poppyseed cheescake and creamy lemon icing. Maggie ordered a homemade Belgian waffle topped with blueberries and we split, of course. She liked mine better than hers and I liked hers better than mine. Both items were pretty darn awesome, though.

The only complaint we had about Buzz was the service. The employees were not very friendly and it would have been a much better experience had they been pleasant! Now, it is a gorgeous day and I intend to be joyful!

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