Last night, some of us met up to see “The Hangover 2.” Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much. I liked “The Hangover” but the trailer for this one was not impressive. Plus, we were going to a 10:30pm showing — which is late late late for this girl for a movie. But I had some coffee and put my game face on!

First, we met up at Coastal Flats in Tysons Corner. I love Coastal Flats, even though it was only the second time I’d been there. GREAT food and drinks! I had a fantastic margarita and a delicious order of shrimp cocktail — which was no ordinary appetizer. It was served in a oversized martini glass with huge chunks of peeled shrimp mixed with a tomato and vinegerette sauce with onions and peppers. It was huge and filling — so much so that I even nixed ordering sweet potato fries which are nearly impossible for me to resist.

We paid extra to see the extra digitally enhanced version of the movie but I don’t think I noticed that much. The movie was funny but after a couple drinks and a late showing, I had trouble keeping my eyes open. The best part were the photos at the end, where they show what they guys don’t remember doing all night.

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