It was an absolutely beautiful day in DC yesterday so I was exceptionally happy to head down to Eastern Market, something I’ve always loved but rarely do. The perfect weather with a slight breeze, we drove with the windows down and meandered through the market. I always stop at the same places — jams, potatoes, homemade salsa, candied nuts, and sometimes fresh fruit. I just don’t get into the artsy stuff like I do the food stuff. I tried out this nifty little trick I learned on Flickr the other day so you can see a slideshow of pictures on the blog:

My dream would be a huge kitchen where we eat nothing but locally grown food that I cook to perfection. Of course this really is a dream since I can barely cook but you gotta start somewhere. In fact, I was just thinking of getting a tomato plan to hang outside since the neighbors across the way have two! Having a little vegetable garden where I actually eat the things I grow is an experience I must have someday.

We had lunch at The Chesapeake Room on 8th street. We got a sweet seat in a high top table just beside the tall open windows opened out to the street. They had an interesting brunch menu and I settled on the blue crab and fried green tomato (who ever thought to put these things together?!) and Rick had the bison burger. I can’t attest to his (except for the fries, which rocked) but mine was delicious! I hardly ever eat fried but fried green tomatoes?! Who can resist? And of course it made me want to re-watch the movie — one of the best movies of all time in opinion. I always love crab and it tasted great! You can see our sandwiches below:

Oh yeah and Rick has this amazing talent for writing poetry on the spot. You can give him any subject and he will write it on a napkin. Yesterday, he penned this little gem about mayo and mustard: “Ode to Mayo and Mustard”

Mayo and mustard
Together they form something
The dance of something unique
a true polarity of opposites
complement the sweet fruits of labor
Lettuce and tomoato
The organic growth of vegetation
flowing, dancing in the wind
Honey flowing from the bosom
of Mother Nature
Brought together to fill your desire

The man has a gift, what can I say? 🙂

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