This morning, I met up with the Arlington County Road Runners for my first training run. Since I did some group training last year with the Montgomery County group, I’ve been hooked. Getting through a 20-mile training run (oh, those will come later!) is nearly impossible for me to do alone. Immediately, I made a friend and started chatting it up about running. The great thing is that people that join groups like this are normally very friendly and you have instant camaraderie with perfect strangers! I was SO tired this morning — almost didn’t go — but I’m glad I did because when you start on Day 1, you are much more likely to stick to it.

It was a little chilly but the sun came out and we completed our measly three miles quickly. I want to stick to a training plan this time around and not tire out my legs by doing too many long runs early. I’m signed up for Balitmore on October 15th and will probably buy someone’s bib for Marine Corps on October 30th since they already ran out. Plus, my momma’s coming to run it so I have to run with her! She’s doing the charity run for Back on My Feet — where Lindsey works as a Comms Director. Now — I’m running off to meeting Maggie, Michelle and Amanda for Run Amuck! Get ready for some mud photos people!

In other news…stayed in last night and some some delicious (well, how delicious can $7 Yellowtail be? But still) wine and fajitas. They weren’t really photo-op read so you can just see Rick cooking them in the background.

Also wanted to give you a peek at my backyard. Have a nice little deck and it’s a pretty good view on a nice Friday evening 🙂

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