Walking outside of an icy-cold air conditioned office into a sunshiney sidewalk for a mid-afternoon coffee break is one of the best things about the work day. It’s even better when you add a birthday cake flavored cake pop to your coffee order. If you haven’t had one — just do it. they are so moist, sugary and delicious — better than real cake. Plus, you can order just one, quench your craving and not feel bad about it. Of course, one never really does the trick for me but I’m basically a sugar addict.

The reason I SO enjoy the escape from the office (where my co-workers once bought me a snuggie just to stop my complaining!) is that I have a mild case of Raynaud’s Syndrome, which means often my finger tips will turn white and numb (also my toes) and that in general, I have bad blood circulation. Long story short — I’m always cold. In fact, I’m pretty sure I was meant to live in a tropical area now that we are talking about it.

I’m one of those people that always wears socks to bed and brings a hoodie to any indoor event even in 100-degree weather. I wore out my electric blanket and literally wear three pair of socks in the wintertime. Turtlenecks and space heaters are like my best friends. In my last apartment, we had what I called “socialized heating” so that each individual apartment was charged a divided price for the entire building. Therefore, I had no one to stop me from keeping my heat at truly ridiculous levels during the cold and icy D.C. winter.

This was all to say how much I just thoroughly enjoyed one of my last walks to the Pennsylvania Avenue Starbucks for a double shot tall skim mocha. Tomorrow is my last day working for the House of Representatives and this Starbucks and I have become dear friends. There, I’ve had a million meetings, escaped for more than a few anxiety-ridden moments and loaded up my sweet tooth on pumpkin scones, strawberry mini-donuts, vanilla almond biscotti and more. Okay, yes, the Starbucks near my new job will probably still do the trick, especially now that I’m addicted to cake pops, but still — I had to say my goodbyes!

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