I had the second part of today off from work today to conquer some appointments but don’t think that stopped me from making my first trip to lululemon in Clarendon. I’d heard of lululemon, the girly athletic clothing store, but always figured their gear would be out of my price range. Still…I went in without my defenses up! The girls that worked there were very friendly and persuasive! After suffering majoring sports bra chafing yesterday on my long run, I knew I was in the market for a good, quality, supportive, sports bra. I rarely ever shell out the cash for really good stuff but I felt like it was time. When I run now I will only have to wear one sports bra instead of doubling up — at least that’s the hope for this endeavor. I also added on a cute, cheap headband because it has elastic grips on the inside so it won’t slide off my head like all the other ones I hate. I have a feeling this is only the beginning to my lululemon lovefest. In fact, I just started following them on Twitter this minute! Hopefully I’ll get a better camera soon but for now, here’s a shot.

And…for the third time in a month I made these delicious baked brussel sprouts that my friend, Melinda, introduced me to a couple months ago. I had NEVER eaten brussel sprouts before and now I love them. Seriously, I could eat a whole pan like candy. All you have to do is boil them for three minutes, coat them in olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and pepper and bake for 12 minutes. Perfect and delicious! We also had lemon-garlic chicken and mini-potatoes. Note to self: don’t buy pre-seasoned chicken breast — totally over salted!

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