After a weekend of less than healthy food and way too much beer, my body was craving green. Organic, nutrients, the earthy leaves of dark green veggies that would nurse me back to life and revitalization. I’ve always struggled to eat my veggies but recent discoveries — including delicious sauteed, salted brussels sprout — have had me on that path to a more balanced diet. Usually, I just stock up on extra fruit but everyone knows nothing can really take the place of spinach. Well, except kale that is! I read womens health magazines like its my job and for years, I’ve heard about the benefits and greeny fantastic-ness of it. Finally, I meandered my way through the produce section to find it. Along the way, I realized how limited my grocery shopping experiences have been in the past five years. And since Rick has almost convinced to get rid of the Lean Cuisines I’ve so relied on for years, I know I’ll be continuing to expand my shopping horizons in the near future.

First thing I did with the massive bag of kale (it seems they sell it only in bulk — I guess people who buy kale are serious about their veggies), was concoct my very first green smoothie. The truth is, I have never owned a blender until now so there was really no excuse. Into the blender went kale, spinach, blueberries, a banana, orange juice and strawberry-banana yogurt. It was a gamble. The outcome was…as you might expect. Not super delicious but not super-gross either. I have some tampering to do with the green stuff but I sware in even just a few days of stocking up, I feel better and my skin looks better. I hope that’s not all just in my head! Either way, I’ve done a body good.

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