I’m such a sucker for International Delights coffee creamers. I can’t help but pull those sweet and delicious sounding new flavors off the shelf. Dark chocolate cream, caramel macchiatto, toffee almond cream. So when I saw this tall drink of CREAM, I didn’t think twice: Cinnabon. Flavor of the sinful archnemisis of my airport alter-ego? It’s true. But a little creamer couldn’t do nearly the damage of the oversized, sugar loaded buns with extra icing (I actually have been known to get extra icing in a cup on the side.) So, I scooped it off the shelf and dumped into my morning coffee. The morning coffee is one of my most cherished daily rituals. I use medium flavored Folgers coffee, fill the cup with 1/4 cup of skim milk, 3/4 coffee, a spooful of creamer, Splenda and mix for my perfect cup:

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