This morning, while walking on the treadmill and reading my weekly People Magazine, I read about a family who has adopted a bunch of children with AIDS from Ethiopia. I could not find the article online or I would link here but basically, it was a normal American couple with three naturally born children. They had always wanted to adopt and were interested in African children, specifically Ethiopian. Long story short, they’ve ended up adopting at least six AIDS orphans and are raising them in the U.S. In searching for that story, I found another — the Kemah Family, who was featured recently on Extreme Home Makeover. This wonderful couple had four of their own children and have adopted tons of special needs kids. Here is the only clip I could find on this one:

I write this only to say that I am in complete awe of people like this. There are so many children born with diseases and special needs — and for people to sacrifice like that in order to give these kids a family — they are truly doing God’s work. They are living out the scriptures, loving the orphans, providing a priceless gift that might never have been if they didn’t step up. When you watch Extreme Home Makeover or see the clips of these families on the news, it’s heartwrenching and inspiring. But reality is when the cameras are off and life is in its daily, difficult motion. I pray for, commend, respect and am in awe of these individuals. As the Kemah’s say, every child deserves a mother and a father. Their calling, their faith, their love is something everyone needs a little more of.

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