This weekend I went to Atlantic City, New Jersey with my girlfriends for Marisa’s birthday. It was my second trip the faux-Vegas and I wasn’t disappointed. We stayed at Harrah’s, where they had a very cool indoor pool, mocked up to feel like you are in a tropical resort outside. The same cabanas and and pool bars I encountered in the real Vegas. We arrived around lunchtime, clothed in our “T-Shirt Time” shirts and nicknames so beautifully puffy painted on the back. I was known as “E-Woww.” When in Jersey….

We spent the day around the pool, sipping on drinks (Michelle and I were sipping, the others were a little more exciting.) It was clear what kind of trip this would be when I looked over to see the girls getting ready for a round of shots. After chillin in the hot tub and making fun of the crazy, Jersey, guido-esque styles we saw strolling through pool area, we headed back to get ready for dinner at Cuba Libre.

We had decided to order the most ridiculous get ups we could find — reminiscent of Jersey Shore style club wear. But we classed it up a little more for dinner. What would AC be without a wardrobe change? After a nice, light dinner (with an after dinner drink called a Cafe Cubano — espresso with brown sugar which I was in loved with!), we headed back to Harrah’s for drinking, primping and the arrival of a special guest.

Our pre-outing drink of choice was everyone’s new favorite, Three Olives Triple distilled Espresso Vodka. For a coffee lover like me, drinking it on ice is A-OK. When we arrived back at the hotel, Heather had finally arrived from New York to join us for the night! I hadn’t seen her since she left for law school so it was the highlight of the weekend for Michelle and I.

We finally made it to the club, which happened to be downstairs in our hotel — thank God. A $25 cover was a bummer but oh well — a huge club around an awesome pool was worth the spend. To make a long night short, we ended up dancing in the shallow end of the pool, making some new friends (some of whom were charmingly referred to as “Italian puppies” — inside joke). At some point, the 7 of us were split up and Michelle and I ended up with a disgusting Yager drink that we exchanged for a big box of soft pretzal bites with cheese. Being the elders of the group (oh its true…), we headed back to the room before anyone else and I was happily asleep by 2:30 or so.

The morning brought the stories and the discovery that some of us didn’t arrive back at the room until nearly 7am! I was sure glad that was not me! One of my favorite parts about a night after something like that is reminiscing together on the beds in the morning, laughing about our ridiculous girlishness and the fun we had. A dehydrated trip to the hotel diner refueled our tired bodies before we headed for a long drive home.

I was met happily at my home by my sorely missed boyfriend, who said he couldn’t wait until 6 to see me — so he was already there. Even though I was feeling tired and yucky (seriously needing a shower), I couldn’t have been happier to have that homecoming. Then, I made dinner (something I’ve done more times in the past month than I have total the past four years!) and filled him in on my weekend. It’s hard to believe how long 36 hours apart can feel when you’re in love:)

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