This is where I work, every day all day. It is where I plop down after my morning workout and commute on the DC metro — usually with a cup of gross (but free!) coffee and a Nature Valley granola bar.

I begin my day by checking my favorite, relevant web sites: Facebook, The Drudge Report, Hot Air, Real Clear Politics, RedState, Slate, The Daily Beast, Human Events, Townhall, Huffington Post, Mashable and more.

It is here at my desk that I upkeep the blog, maintain the GOPConference Twitter and Facebook accounts — and email incessently with Member offices to help get their message out to conservative bloggers across the country. The papers you see to the left of the photo are phone numbers, tips for social media, a calendar, passwords and a photo of my sponsored child through Compassion, Int.’l.

I’m lucky enough to have these ginormous Mac screens to do my work on — the perks of the visual media office. I turned to Macs three years ago and never looked back! The lighting in here is never good as my co-workers refuse to use overhead lights. I’m usually freezing because everyone else is hot but I maintain a status of 2 or 3 sweaters or jackets just in case I need them.

It’s pretty cool working in the House of Representatives, where I come in contact the our national leaders on a daily basis. It’s been an honor to work for Mike Pence for the past two years. He is truly one of the most principled, honorable men in Congress. He clearly trusts and follows the Lord when making important decisions and our country is better for having had him in leadership.

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