And so…the wedding videos emerge. Here is Britney and I’s sad karaoke rendition of one of our all time favorites, “Mud on the Tires” in the party bus before her wedding reception. I’m so glad Rick got to make a cameo — luckily, I got to bring him to the wedding and on the party bus, making for an even more awesome weekend. Britney’s wedding was definitely one of, if not, the best I’ve ever been a part of. They had an awesome selection of songs at the reception and the open bar didn’t hurt. I’m looking forward to the professional photos because the bridesmaids dresses actually looked really great in my regular photos. Though I often complain about weddings, I’m truly honored when a friend asks me to be in theirs. I know that those I would choose for my own wedding party would be valued friends that have made my life better. I’m lucky to have so many. Here’s the vid:

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