It’s been awhile since I wrote a anything about abortion. It seems I cannot say in enough words, in enough languages, in enough phrases, how assuredly I oppose this horrific act of violence toward unborn children. I got into an argument on Twitter the other day with a woman who was participating in the hash tag #ihadanabortion, which was created to help women not be ashamed of having had abortions. I’m sure most women who’ve been through that experience opted out of Tweeting to the world about it. If abortion were something that was “okay,” it wouldn’t be a subject of such controversy.

I went back the most bare, basic, simplistic logic necessary to understand opposition to abortion. That is this: you would have to be a complete idiot not to recognize the reality of this act. As Kathy Ireland expresses in the clip below, we were then and always will be a “clump of cells.” We began as cells and we will die as cells and there’s almost no acceptable reason to end the life of an unborn child. Saving the life of the mother would be the major one, as Ireland points out in the clip.

The woman on Twitter argued the “cells” were not a “viable human being” and therefore, that made it okay. But, quite obviously, we all had to start somewhere and once a child is conceived that’s it — their story has begun. Their blue eyes are set, their biological realities set in motion, their hearts just weeks from beating. A pregnancy is 9 months, if that. In as little as five months (how quickly does June pass on to November? Before you even know it), a baby can survive birth. Yet, just two months before then, so many people think it’s OK to kill that same child.

November is National Adoption Month, which is why I’ve been thinking about this a lot in the past couple of days. Sometimes I want to work for a pro-life organization — or even somewhere that promotes and supports adoption. No situation is ideal and everyone has a hard road when they face an unplanned pregnancy. We do have choices and I will say Choose Life until the day I die.

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