I’m posting the Day 5 video of Lindsey, Glenn, Brooke and my Dad’s (also, a couple of their friends) ride to New York City from Indianapolis. They’ve been riding their bikes everyday, all day since last Saturday to raise money for Love146, an organization that exists to stop international child sex trafficking.

I know that doing some so physically exhausting is taxing not only on your body but your mind. It makes you think about everything in the world a little differently. Hard work with a bigger purpose…I can only imagine how they felt pedaling through the sheets of rain two days ago, and riding past sunny cornfields, stopping at local eateries, pushing themselves to peddle up a hill when they felt like they couldn’t do it. It would be seriously hard…but I’m jealous of this experience they are having right now. They’ll never forget this and they will know, when they roll into NYC tomorrow, that they’ve done something amazing. It sometimes takes conscience choice to create the most lasting of memories, to do the boldest, best things. I have a lot of respect for each of them taking this chance to do something good for the world. Inspiration is contagious and just like the “Pay it Forward” movement, I now feel compelled to do something like this. They were featured on the news (check out more of their videos on this YouTube channel) and have made a difference. I’ve read some about sex trafficking recently and it is much more prevalent worldwide than any everyday American might know. Every cause needs soldiers — and I’d challenge everyone to find theirs. Here’s the latest video:

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