This week, I’m participating in the 2nd Annual Smart Girl Summit with Smart Girl Politics. I have followed SGP almost since their inception in November ’08. Since then, I’ve befriended the founders and been a loud advocate of the organization, which promotes activism and conservative women in politics. Last year, I got to travel to Nashville, TN — where I had a speaking part and finally met two of my favorite conservative women, Michelle Malkin and Liz Cheney. I also met tons of other awesome conservative women who are making a difference in their communities across the country! It’s been a privilege working with Teri Christoph, Rebecca Wales and Stacy Mott in the past two years — and I’m so happy they’ve asked me to participate this year!

I’m about to start prepping my panel remarks for Smart Girls and New Media. As the Director of Online Communications Outreach at the House Republican Conference — and a former blogger myself — I am very passionate about this issue. I want to communicate to these women how they can better work with Members of Congress online and come together so we can all help promote the conservative message online in a more effective way.

With Michelle Malkin and Katie Favazza last year in Nashville:

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