I shut down the blog for awhile but have been itching to get it started back. Not sure how political I will/can get as work makes it tough for me. I know only a handful of friends and family even read this blog but when its public, my employers are afraid anyone will see it. That being said, it’s closed now but to only a few until I decide how to move forth.

I’m coming to you fresh from a wonderful birthday weekend. It’s Sunday evening and though, I’m very tired and not feelin’ great from a weekend of junk food, drinking and staying out late, it was all worth it. Friday night I decided to throw a shin dig at Eden, a club in DC. I never never never go to clubs but had visited this one in particular last weekend during a Things to do DC event for rooftop bars. I liked the setting and invited all my friends out for the ever so rare, Friday night birthday. I must say I was happily and gratefully surprised to find so many of my local friends come out. It’s not always easy to rally the troops for a night out (especially as we get oh so much older) but I give my friends credit, they came, they saw, they danced, they made me feel very very loved. I have friends from different areas of my life — work, hobbies, location, college, etc. — that live around the DC area. It was really neat for so many of them to come together for me.

It was the dreaded 29th birthday but it doesn’t feel so bad. I’m happy, healthy and I have a good job, great friends, a wonderful family, a sweet boyfriend. I live in a beautiful apartment and have everything I could want or need. Am I lucky or blessed? Sometimes it’s a tough call on that one. I hate to say I am blessed because why should I be blessed and someone else not blessed? I’m no better than the next yet I have so many things to be thankful for. Still, I thank God for these things in my life — however they came to be. It’s very interesting how you begin to see life as you get older — it really is different than you ever thought it would be. And you really can’t grasp some things until the right timing comes along. I’m being vague — realized — but I can only imagine how smart I will seem to myself in 20 more years. But let’s just be here. Be present. That is something learned — and more valuable than many other lessons.

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