There has been a lot of chatter lately about whether a pro-life woman can truly be a feminist. According to the dictionary, a feminist is defined as a “person who advocates equal rights for women.” Beyond that basic definition, the rest is left up to the imagination and parameters of one’s opinion.

Noted feminist bloggers like Jessica Valenti, Tina Brown and more have criticized Sarah Palin, Nikki Haley and other conservative women as “less than” for having viewpoints in opposition to their own. These pro-choicers are getting antsy because Republican women are making waves in a big way right now – threatening their precious, exclusive and close-minded brand of feminism. What if the conservative women grab the label and run with it? With a country that is increasingly and bipartisanly pro-life, liberal ladies are white knuckling their hold on the pro-abortion movement – among other things.

Palin should be the epitome of empowerment to the feminists – a working mom of five children, moving up the ladder, and letting no criticism stand in her way. Palin is – no doubt – a strong woman utilizing her equal rights and opportunities as a woman.

I think a lady with a bunch of little kids – especially a new born with special needs – had no business running for Vice-President or having ANY kind of full time job. But even conservatives hate on me for that so I don’t know why there is so much hate for such a non-traditional working momma from the “real” feminists.

Other leading GOP ladies have the same kind of story. But because they don’t support killing babies in the womb as empowerment, prefer the right to own guns for protection, believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman and don’t want public schools handing out condoms – well, what kind of women are they? They are women who appreciate what their female predecessors accomplished in fighting for equal rights. But they are also woman who don’t find it noteworthy that they are women – but that they are strong representatives of the people.

Is a pro-life woman a feminist? She is if she wants to be and old school Gloria Steinem types don’t have a patent on the title. There is uproar about this now because the pro-life woman, the conservative woman is on the move and her voice is finally being heard. Unfortunately for liberals, there are a lot more of them than they ever knew.

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