It’s an easy story for bored reporters to cover lately: social media trends. Though Obama got all the cred for the ’08 election online (and rightly so), the GOP has stepped up above and beyond the call of social media duty in the past year and a half. In part, it’s because we are excited to regain the majority, and because we are communicators more than legislators these days (since that’s all we can be with this kind of minority. But) But it’s paying off and pieces like this one from PBS show how Republicans are jumping the social media edge. It’s been documented everywhere — Republicans win on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and I’d also argue, blogs. We are out there and it is our side making strides online with conservative sites like BigGovernment and Smart Girl Politics. Check out this PBS piece — where yours truly can be seen Blackberrying away if you look closely. It’s no Fox News spot (guess those days are over) but still cool and very relevant to what I do for a living:

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