Yesterday, Peggy Noonan pointed out that Democrats don’t want to enforce immigration/border control because they will lose votes. Republicans aren’t serious about (she says) because they will lose cheap labor. I have a feeling there are some Republican voters who employ illegals for this reason. So I thought to myself…what if Democrats AND Republicans came together to enforce immigration laws and protect the border. THEN, Hispanics would be forced to choose one party or the other for reasons other than immigration battles. And who would win that fight? Republicans would win that fight because Hispanics are conservative as a group. They are religious, family-values based, socially conservative people. They are entreprenuers and dreamers, hard workers and I would guess, believe in self-protection (hello second amendment). I realize this s a pointless dream to dream but…if you think about it, it’s really sad the GOP is missing out on these votes since we represent them in almost every other way they’d prefer. It’s also beyond my comprehension that folks don’t understand there has to be some kind of method to how we move forward as a country. Is there a better, faster legal immigration process? I think — yes. Why can’t we just work on improving that instead of inviting mass chaos, Dems?

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