Figured I should check in and the keep the blog rolling. I had a great weekend with my girlfriends and again, I am so thankful for them! Friday night kicked off nice with me leaving work a little early to scoop Michelle from HE and head out to Bethesda to meet Heather and Ashley for our sunset cruise in Annapolis. Major props to Ashley’s dad for owning a boat that he lets her freely use. I got lots of awesomeness out of that last summer! We boarded in the glorious 6 o’clock hour sun and sailed through the water with barely any other boats to see. The wine was corked and the world’s fattiest cheese, St. Andre’s, came out. It is often the nicest sigh of relief to just unwind with people that know you oh so well. We all had a million stories to share, gossip to spread, people to complain about, stupid things to say. We listened to Dave Matthews live (Sooo 1999) and it was great.

After a few hours on the boat, I had to scoot back to Arlington so I could get up early for Servathon in the morning. Pete picked me up at my apartment and we headed to Southeast DC to help paint a charter school. I ended up painting some hopscotches, FourSquares and helping the others paint a map of the United States. We all donned our green Servathon t-shirts and the rain held off all day even though it was supposed to ruin our project. Thank goodness. And thanks to my amazing friend Heather, who has the biggest heart of anyone I know. I’m pretty sad she’ll be leaving us for New York City for Law School in July. But I will tell you what, that girl is going to be amazing at getting justice. I’m very proud of her.

After Servathon, we hit up the bar sponsored happy hours at the Mad Hatter and Public. The bars will filled with green shirts and lots of cheap beer specials. I hung out for a few hours but was exhausted and went home for a nap.

Later that night I rented “Whip It,” this movie about a womens roller derby team in Austin, Texas. I’ve been looking for SOMETHING in my life as of late and the movie convinced maybe it’s roller derby. Yeah, sounds crazy but…if not actual roller derby, some kind of competition or physical feat to accomplish regularly. Yes, I am running my second marathon this year but that’s different. I can’t really explain to you WHY a marathon doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to me but…it doesn’t since I’ve already done it once.

I started thinking about skydiving. That was an amazing experience and it seems like nothing could top it. But surely I can come up with something, right? Of course my major dreams in life include traveling to every exotic place that I can possibly go, writing a book, getting married and having a baby. But I can’t just DO all of that. I need something else while I’m waiting for the man God has for me, the money it takes to travel and the time/inspiration this damned book to be requires.

Here is that skydiving video just in case you haven’t seen it. I watch it for inspiration. Now THAT was a day I’ll not forget. To fling fear to the wind — literally — and do something scary is the ultimate exhiliration:

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