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Since Democrat Rep. Bart Stupak made abortion a defining issue in the health care debate, we’ve seen a landslide of human interest stories surrounding the topic. It has put the emotion-laden argument on a pedestal, but has ultimately been a winner for the pro-life community. Stats show that more Americans are pro-life than pro-choice for the first time and the trend is only growing. It’s an interesting dichotomy within the younger generation of the conservative world. As more young voters support gay marriage, less support abortion and this is true on the Right and the Left.

For some reason, President Obama will not strike out the abortion language in the health care bill, despite it being the specific piece of the legislation causing many Democrats to vote no. Though the President and Nancy Pelosi have attempted to convince folks that the language doesn’t exist, that’s simply untrue. Townhall’s Greg Hengler put together a video that proves it here. It boggles my mind that the Administration is willing to keep the language at the possible expense of the entire bill.

It’s clear that abortion is no longer a partisan issue. Democrats and Republicans alike oppose this “woman’s right” to have her child killed. There are very few circumstances in which both parties would agree such an option is viable; those being rape, incest and serious health risks. Such cases make up a tiny percentage of the nearly 1.4 million abortions per year in the United States. Just the other day I heard from a woman who attempted to get insurance coverage on her fertility treatment. She discovered her insurance didn’t cover anything fertility related but fully covered abortion. They don’t support creating life, but they sure support destroying it.

Femi-crazies all over the Internet have had a hey day with this “Live Tweeting My Abortion” chick, who posted a video of herself in the midst of an abortion. She had taken the RU-486 pill and urged women to understand that there is “no shame” in making such a choice. Her circumstances were not those of a typical young woman choosing abortion, though. This woman claims she had severe health issues that would put her life in danger if she were to continue her pregnancy. Such is an instance uncommon and should not be used as an example for those with unexpected, healthy pregnancies.

The efforts of Americans United for Life, Students for Life of America, Jill Stanek, ProLife News and many more should be applauded. They have fought a long and tireless battle and continue to do so as this genocide of unborn children begins to decrease in number. What we know is this: Everyone — pro life or pro choice — wants to decrease the number of abortions seen in this country. It’s clear including federal funding of abortion in the health care bill is NOT what the American people want — Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Tea Partiers, Moderates, Libertarians and more. President Obama must listen to the people who elected him. He must listen to His Congress and if he is very quiet, perhaps, listen to his heart.

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