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It’s my second post on BlogHer and I wanted to share with you a profile piece that was written about me on the website, Smart Girl Nation. I like to be involved in a host of different organizations and projects. Both BlogHer and Smart Girl Politics are important to me! As part of getting to know me over on this site, I wanted to direct you to the profile that explains some of my background as a conservative communicator.

Being involved in politics is certainly a passion of mine. I believe we all have a responsibility to pay attention, stay involved, vote and more in order to hold our leaders responsible and keep the government honest and small. You can see an excerpt of the piece below:

While Ericka Andersen grew up in a conservative household, politics was not something that readily made its way into everyday discussions. In fact, rather than preach the conservative values that they believed in, Ericka’s parents instead showed their daughter by doing. “My parents were poor when I was born, but my father lived out the American dream by building his own successful business from the ground up. My mom was able to go through college and become a nurse all while caring for three small children”, explains Ericka. Clearly the example set by her parents still resonates with her today.

In college Ericka began exploring the roots of the conservative beliefs that she held. Armed with a few Ronald Reagan biographies and subscriptions to Townhall and National Review, Ericka began to educate herself on the conservative movement. It was not long before she found herself drifting toward a career in that movement, landing an internship at the Washington Examiner. “From there, I met so many amazing conservative leaders and knew this is where I was meant to be,” says Ericka.

Today Ericka works for the House Republican Conference. It is a position that allows her to work with grassroots activists, conservative bloggers across the country, and Republican legislators. She is able to cross-promote conservative values and make sure politicians are hearing from and communicating with conservatives everywhere. As part of her job, Ericka also attends conferences like CPAC and AFP’s “Defending the American Dream Summit,” in order to network and help build support for the movement. Witnessing legislative battles from the front lines, this is an aspect of the movement she clearly does not underestimate.

Check out the rest here. That’s it for now but stay tuned later this week when I tell you about Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (TN), one of the only women represented at last week’s health care summit. She’s doing good work and we want you to know about it!

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