I don’t kid around about my opposition to abortion. It’s murder and it’s wrong. Anyone who claims not to believe this is lying to themselves good. I’ll get into it more on this blog in due time.

A little tidbit today, though, from a new site I found, TooManyAborted.com. For several years I’ve followed the nation’s pro-life black leaders in their quest to decrease the number of abortions had by black women. FYI, black women have abortions 3X more than their white counterparts and Planned Parenthood clinics are often located in lower-income black neighborhoods for women to have easier access.

Those who staff Planned Parenthood are not bad people, but they are severely misguided ones. TooManyAborted.com tackles a twisted form of racism within the abortion industry and their site features all the materials, support, endorsements and information we need to fight this battle. I sat next to Ryan, the man featured in this pro-adoption video at the Blogs for Life Conference this year. You can’t deny a story like this one. Watch it and choose life:

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