I’m disgusted by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. I won’t take a cheap shot at him for saying “uhhhh” too much but his behavior is not representative of the President of the United States. He is blatantly disrespectful to conservative groups and downright condescending to the Tea Party movement. Gibbs – and the The White House – do themselves harm by pretending the Tea Party is a silly group of idiots.

They do it all the time. I see the President roll his eyes and Gibbs is constantly chuckling that the White House Press Corps even asks about these folks. Do they not realize that these people – the grassroots majority in America – have changed the trajectory of the 2010 election season? That America’s most liberal President has born a movement so powerful that Republicans may retake the majority in nine months?

Gibbs’ late to the party rail on Sarah Palin – by writing fake notes on his hand as she did during her Tea Party Conventin appearance – was reminiscent of the eye rolling joke your crazy Uncle Ted tells at Thanksgiving. Not funny – and disrespectful.

The White House wants to make fun of a political figure that is helping to crush their reputation? At their peril. Dana Perino may have been an ice queen when she ruled the podium but at least she was professional. And Tony Snow? Well, there will never be another Tony Snow. I don’t think Gibbs would last long as press secretary for rank and file member of Congress so I’m not really sure how the President sees him fit to represent the nation’s highest office.

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