It’s a long time coming this blog o’ mine. I’ve been blogging for years on various websites, including Townhall, RedState, Culture11, Smart Girl Politics and more but it is high time for me to have a place of my own. There are so many things I want to write about on a daily basis but never know which outlet is appropriate or if I can broadcast my views to the world considering my job. So it is here, on my own page, that I will unashamedly write to my to heart’s content.

There will be politics, there will be love, there will be food, there will be movies, there will be running, there will be music. Here you will find me — at my simplest, at my most complicated and frustrated, at my realest. I wonder how often I’ll be able to update, how much I will put into it. So many issues deserve great thought, hours of pondering and research but I won’t have time for all that.

I never found the perfect name so I’m sticking with my own. Let the blogging begin.

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