It may sound strange but I’ve always been drawn to girls who face the situation of unexpected pregnancy. Though I don’t think the “Teen Mom” show on MTV is ultimately helpful for teen viewers, I have watched it with interest. The story of Catelynn and Tyler should be required viewing. These two sixteen-year-olds have wisdom and maturity beyond their years. Both kids come from unstable households and have decided they aren’t ready for a baby. Their parents berate them for “giving away” their child while Catelynn and Tyler stand firm in their decision to give their child a better life.

I couldn’t help but fall in love with them. They have been together since seventh grade and they clearly love each other. Choosing adoption is such a heroic decision. I often wonder if I’d have the strength to do so if I were in that kind of a situation. Every time I watched Catelynn on the show, I came to respect her more. She continually talks about giving the baby what it deserves, the best life possible with a stable, married family that can provide everything she needs.

While the other teens on the show fight with their boyfriends, and prepare for life as essentially single mothers, Catelynn puts herself to the side and thinks only of what her child needs. She and Tyler don’t fight and they make the most mature, selfless, honorable decision they can. I am in awe of these kids. They are brave. They are strong.

If more people recognized that adoption really is an okay option, less women would feel pressured to have abortions. I’m often berated for my thoughts on this – even from some pro-lifers. Many women feel that couldn’t give their babies up so they choose to end their lives instead. Others choose to go the single parent route, which usually isn’t the ideal situation for the child.

I commend Catelynn and Tyler for their choice. They’ve given their baby the best life possible and I’ve no doubt these two will someday make amazing parents.

You can watch Catelynn’s story here.

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