Summer of 2016: That’s a Wrap (My Favorite Bits!)


Alright so it was over awhile ago but where does the time go to get these things together? I just keep thinking about how STILL this time last year, I was pregnant — just waiting the arrival of the best thing ever.

This summer, this year, has been a whirlwind and much different than the rest of my life. My first summer back in Indiana in over 10 years. My first summer with a baby, a home, family nearby, a job working from home.

It’s been GOOD!

Stroller running group
Definitely one of the highlights of my summer! I look forward to meeting up with a group of moms & their babies every Wednesday at the Athletic Annex in Broad Ripple. Some people run, some walk and it’s always about 30 minutes plus time afterward to hangout with the moms, let the kids play and snack on baked goods from Rene’s Baker next door! If you are in the Indy-area and would like to join, we meet at 10am. Here is the Facebook page.


Indiana State Fair 
One of my favorite memories as a child is going to the county fair and the State Fair. Now being in Indianapolis, the state fair is much closer and I was excited to head there with Jacob for the first time. I ended up going three times and having all the junk fair food I wanted. It was a good time.


My sisters
Being able to hang out with my sisters — and my parents for that matter — so much has meant the world to me. We moved here for family and for me, it’s been 100% worth it. Since Lindsey and I live fairly close, we see each other once or twice a week. It’s a far cry from 2-3x a year! I don’t see Shelby as much but still far more than I would have in DC.



Similar to the previous, cousins! Jacob has 10 first cousins and were we not here in Indiana, he’d be the only one far away. I’m so thankful he is going to grow up with all these little guys — because most of them are very close to the same age. He also has four older cousins, and I’m thankful we are hear to see them as well! Family is so important and we have hit the lottery with a great one on both sides.

cousins counsins-together

Rick & Jacob Moments
I have loved everyday watching them bond. Rick can make him laugh like no one else and I just like to stand to the side and watch them play. Maybe I’m biased but I think Rick is the best dad around and Jacob is so lucky to have him.


Getting back into shape wasn’t easy but it wasn’t that hard either. I think I probably jumped the gun a few weeks after Jacob was born but all summer has been wonderful. I have been able to do CrossFit with no problems. I am not as into running – or as fast — but still enjoy it. I love my new gym and it as really helped me make gains (including *almost almost almost getting a strict pull up — I will show you guys a video when I get it!) Each day I get to go to CrossFit, I recognize it’s a privilege my body is allowing me. I do my best to be safe, careful and not overdo it. So far, so good.


In case you haven’t noticed, I have gone full swing into podcast land. I don’t know how I never listened to the before this year. These days, you can always catch me listening to a podcast. My favorites are “I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein” “Girlboss,” “The Happy Hour,” “Blissful Bites,” “Digiday” and just started listening to “The Chalene Show”  and “That Sounds Fun” with Annie Downs. I listen to several others but those are the ones I always try to hit up. It has really added to my learning and inspiration.


Friend Visits
Seeing friends this summer has been so wonderful! After moving from DC, I wans’t sure when I would see Michelle next but somehow we’ve managed to hang out three times! I had a trip to DC, we both went to NYC at the same time and then she came to visit me here in Indiana. I also got to see Heather in NYC and have been enjoying hanging out with old friends here in Indiana.


Baby Wearing Walks
I did not think much about baby wearing before Jacob was born. Afterward, I realized how many options there were. I had a hard time with wraps when he was a newborn. Finally, I settled on a Lillebaby after a few rave reviews. It’s become a must-have for us! I used to wear it everyday — now several times a week and it’s adjustable so both Rick and I wear Jacob in it. I LOVE taking Jacob for walks in it and will be sad when he’s too big. I can wear it multiple ways and thankfully will continue to be able to wear him on my back for a long time. There’s just something about being that close to your babe. He’s 22 pounds but it doesn’t bother me a bit!


Early nights in
Having a baby automatically means you have to stay in most nights. I have actually begun to enjoy the lack of pressure of having to fill the night. Before I would think about I “should” be out doing something fun. But now, it’s like watching Netflix and eating ice cream is what we do and making plans not a big deal. I like the occasional night out but it’s a bit of a stress reliever to give myself permission to go to bed at 9:30 on a Friday.

*Random pic I liked for this one cause I don’t have one of “nights in” ha ha:


Family Trip to Nashville
I’m all about doing one trip a year — making memories and trying something new. I’m so glad we chose Nashville and the Opryland Hotel. It wasn’t “easy” with a baby but we all had a good time and it was definitely a highlight for me this summer!


Work Trips
Before Jacob was born, I thought work and social trips would be out the window but I’ve actually taken several trips this year — two to New York, two to DC (one that’s coming up), one to San Diego (tips from Social Media Marketing World) and one to Michigan. Getting to the office and keeping up contacts with folks in my work world is important and I love having the opportunity to travel. I always hate leaving and miss Jacob and Rick so much but for me, it’s healthy, fulfilling, effective and important. I hope to continue regular trips.

I know no season is the same with a growing baby. Last winter we were taking care of tiny newborn, learning they actually don’t need coats when they are that small — or shoes for that matter. I was going stir crazy in the house and constantly worried about him anytime we went somewhere. This winter he will be able to be outside more, hopefully discover snow and have a bit more memorable of a Christmas!

For now, it’s time to pick out what this little guy should be for Halloween! I’m so excited to take him trick or treating even though he won’t know what he’s doing!

Anyway, my summer was AWESOME! How was yours?

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