Christian sex advice has a bad rap. Sheila Gregoire is changing that. She’s been making waves in the Christian world for several years now. Her latest book, The Great Sex Rescue, dives deep into the patriarchal culture of Christian sex “advice” and ideology over the years.

On social media, and in her book, she calls out specific teachings and ideas that have been harmful to women and to Christian marriages specifically for decades. What I find fascinating is that both theologically conservative and theologically progressive Christians love her!

As a conservative myself (and fan of Sheila’s work), I wanted to dig deeper into what it is that appeals to Christians from across the spectrum. I spoke with Sheila and her daughter and co-author Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach for an article I was writing, but I loved the audio so much I asked if I could share it!

This episode may sound a little different than a typical one, but totally worth a listen — as Sheila and Rebecca share their unfiltered opinions about what’s gone wrong and how they are trying to fix it! This is my second time chatting with Sheila! You can catch our first interview on the podcast here.

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