In this episode, I speak with Tsh Oxenreider, a writer, podcaster, mom and world traveler. I first heard of Tsh years ago when she was working on her book about traveling around the world with her young family. I was fascinated and intrigued by her story and was so excited to have the opportunity to chat with Tsh about her new book, “Bitter and Sweet: A Journey Into Easter.”

Lent starts very soon (depending on when you listen to this!) so grab this book now. Also, even if you are listening off-season, grab it for the next Lent — happens every year 😉 She also has a great book on Advent if you are looking for other resources.

I love what Tsh writes on her website: “I believe we become more human — more who we’re made to be — when we live sacramentally. Which is to say, when we see things how they really are, thanks to the good wisdom and creativity of our Maker.”

This episode is super short because I had a ton audio mishaps and then lost a big part of the interview. But, short and sweet never hurt anyone and wanted to make sure you heard about Tsh’s important message for this book. If you are considering adding Lent to your annual ritual, I highly recommend it — and a book companion with application resources to go along with it will make it all the more meaningful.

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