How do you maintain a strong faith in mom life? Katie Scott is mom to three littles and God gave her a vision to show tired mommas how to “chase vibrance” in their everyday lives. She helps women find joy and purpose, even in the moments that feel mundane.

Katie had three kids in 3.5 years — and they are still pretty small — so she is in the trenches with me and many of you! It can often feel impossible to take time for yourself and God in this season, but it’s not. When I found Katie on Instagram, I was immediately drawn to her personality and the practical advice she was offering.

Moms of little kids are tired and short on time — and Katie knows that! She helps them live into their unique, God-given purpose even when things feel chaotic.

She helps women grow their faith, find their purpose and find more joy. We all need encouragement on the regular and I am excited to share this conversation with Katie so you can find it today!

Practical help, encouragement, community and empowerment are values you offers and she is so relatable! I loved talking with Katie about motherhood, ministry and doing what you can in this season in life!

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