Hi friends,

Welcome to the Top 5 of 2021! If you are new here, I’m Ericka — Christian momma of two, writer of articles and books — and voracious reader and podcast listener.

I have a few things to share with you, including a few fun things like my new favorite products, which I’ll kick things off with:

  • EverEve Trendsend Boxes: I hate shopping but love good clothes. I like these better than Stitch Fix because they come with more options and are a wider variety of styles.
  • Seint make-up: My bestie, Michelle, is a representative for this company and she got me totally hooked on this easy, awesome make-up. I’m NOT high-maintenance with make up but this has made me look way better! You can contact her for a free color-match if you want to look into it.
  • Lume Deodorent: I won’t get too into it, but let’s just say this deoderent a) has great marketing and b)is deoderent for ANY place on your body! It’s the first I’ve seen like this and apparently is a miracle worker for some.

Top 5 Podcast Episodes: Worth Your Time Podcast

  1. Phylicia Masonheimer: Every Woman a Theologian

2. Leah Wacek: Choosing a Wildly Generous Life

3. Kristen Young: Biblical Living & Motherhood on Instagram

4. Kaitlyn Scheiss: Faith & Politics: How Can Christians Do Them Well?

5. Christina Crenshaw, Ph.D.: Faith, Culture & Getting ‘Cancelled’ at Baylor

Top 5 Books

  1. Live Not By Lies by Rod Dreher
  2. Mama Bear Apologetics by Hillary Morgan Ferrer
  3. The Coddling of the American Mind by Jonathan Haidt
  4. Love They Body by Nancy Pearcey
  5. Run with Horses by Eugene Peterson

Runner up: Irreversible Damage by Abigail Shrier

Top 5 Pieces I Wrote

  1. Christianity Today: Meet the Pro-Life Activist Who Was Nearly Aborted Twice
  2. USA Today: How Attending Church During Holy Week Can Improve Your Mental Health
  3. World Magazine: The Humanity of an Embryo (Why I’m Choosing Embryo Adoption)
  4. Medium: One Year Sober, 20 Years in the Making
  5. ERLC: Why a Second Chance for Incarcerated Men is Important

Top 3 Instagram Posts

Top 5 Life Moments

  1. Celebrating one year sober (have you noticed a theme?!)
  2. Signing a book deal with NavPress for my second book!
  3. Becoming an opinion contributor for World Magazine
  4. Saying good-bye to my Grandma Sharon, and having the honor of writing her obituary.
  5. Launching my kiddo into kindergarten!

I could go on with the Top 5s, but I’ll stop there. What were some of YOUR top 5s? I’d love to hear books, podcasts, movies, moments! Stay in touch and let me know on the socials 🙂

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