So I’m always thinking about how I want to tell you guys about the things I’m loving — then I forget. Today I’m not forgetting! One of my favorite things is to share with other people what is working for me. I told you about Stitch Fix earlier — and that’s because I’m truly loving it. Because it takes a lot to convert me — I don’t adopt things easily — I get really excited when ti happens.

Here are a few things that are hitting it out the park for me lately:

    • Epic2 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. I actually got these sent to me complimentary but it was perfect timing. I had just broken my Bose headphones (so sad!) and I was read to disconnect from my phone while running. I have no idea how much these things cost but they seem really quality. Like when you put these in your ears, you can’t hear anything else. Sound quality is excellent. It’s so weird to run without being connect to a device, but feels so freeing. I totally love the wireless thing. The only downside is, you have to remember to charge them up in between uses — though they do have a 4-hour battery life.
  • Perfect Bar. I think I’ve told you how much I love these things before but…now that I’ve found them in the nearby Fresh Market, I’m pumped, Organic, natural, simple, healthy ingredients and you know their fresh because they are the only bars that have to be stored in the refrigerated section. I just always feel good about my snack when I eat them. First discovered at the Blend Retreat a couple of years ago I think.
  • Halo Top. I had seen people chattering about this ice cream for awhile but wondered if it would be the same as the tasteless Arctic Zero. No offense to AZ — some people love them! — but they aren’t for me. I had to make a special trip to Whole Foods to check out this ice cream, which is like 250 calories for a whole Ben & Jerry sized pint. It’s $5.99 for ONE pint but to an ice cream lover like me, worth it. I was SHOCKED at how good it was. I have  no idea how they make this stuff taste like normal ice cream with so few calories & fat but frankly, I don’t care. I will have to limit my intake, that’s not cheap. However, I’m loving that the option is there — and delicious!
  • Tony Robbins Netflix documentary. Michelle told me about this — and I was immediately intrigued. Sometimes people make fun of Tony Robbins self-help stuff but I have always found him incredibly inspiring and sincere. When you watch this piece, you’ll see that’s true. People are really looking to make significant changes and figure out the hard things in their lives when they attend his seminars. They may be expensive but you can tell Tony intends to give every one their money’s worth. It would be hard to watch this and not relate in some way.
  • Orange is the New Black. I’ve been watching since Season 1 and totally love this show. Season 4 was perhaps the most heartwrenching of all. The best part of the show, to me, is when they showcase the lives the women had before prison. It’s one of those things that reminds not to judge people from their initial, oustide circumstances. I was bawling the last two episodes…my husband had to remind me that the show does “glamorize” parts of prison and the stories behind these women. That may be true — and there may be people in prison who just are bad people. However, I can’t find anything wrong with thinking twice about what people have been there. The acting is phenomenal and you fall in love with your favorite characters. Like I said, heartwrenching this season.
  • Walk in Love t shirts. Found these shirts via Instagram — super soft, with great messages. I bought two on sale and wear them all the time. I’m a sucker for printed t-shirts with a message. Gotten compliments already!
  • Shakeology. I’ve talked about Shakeology before but I continue to enjoy it. I have gotten into the habit of always drinking one after the gym. I know I need protein afterwards and these are super easy, tasty and low calorie to boot. I think they only have like 120 calories when you just mix with water. Sometimes I add fruit or milk or even peanut butter but either way, I feel good and can attest that they help eliminate my sugar cravings.
  • Hello Fresh. I sing the praises of Hello Fresh to everyone I meet. Yes, it’s similar to Blue Apron but I don’t know, I found the quality to be a little higher. I have been using Hello Fresh since December or so and absolutely love it. I am the worst at meal planning and this makes it so easy. You can pick between like 7 different meals each week (you get 3) and they personalize it more and more as you go. You can let them know if you prefer quicker type meals, lower fat, etc. They have easy website, app and fun emails. Plus each week your box comes with coupons and other ideas for food stuff. While it can sound pricey ($69/week for two people total), our grocery bill is significantly lower because we never buy meat anymore. It’s so worth it to me. *Anyway, if you want to try your first week free, enter this code on the website: JVEAKD
  • Stitch Fix. Duh — already told you about it this week but it really is great. Like Hello Fresh, all so personalized. Plus, they also have fantastic social media, great newsletters, awesome ways to interact with other subscribers. They are all about you. And…I am in love with this story about the Stitch Fix staff — what a great bunch of people.
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